John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut Match

Longest Ever Match

Let’s have a glimpse of longest ever Wimbledon match played between John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut in 2010. For those who watch tennis often, an average three-set match will last about an hour and a quarter, 30-40 minutes per set.

But, if you put a top seed against someone new, it can be quick. If you have two players playing on par, it is possible for the match to last a bit longer. In fact, if it’s a major tournament, like Wimbledon, then we might be allowed to watch a fifth set.

It is frustrating for both the players and the fans when a tennis match is halted or paused. Fans can become anxious and impatient while players lose their rhythm and momentum. This can sometimes shift when the game resumes.

Large Radish

For example, Tim Henman led Goran Ivanisevic (7-6, 6-0) in the 2001 Wimbledon semifinals. But rain did not spoil the match. Ivanisevic won the match after three days. Ironically, Ivanisevic was the one who helped to unveil the roof on Court 1 in 2019.

John Isner

World number 24, is most well-known to fans in Great Britain and anyone looking for information about such things. He was best known for his incredible match with Nicolas Mahut on Court 18 of Wimbledon 2010. The match lasted 11 hours and five mins, with Isner (then number 24) winning 6-4, 3-6.6-7, 7-6.70, 70-68 in an incredible final set at Wimbledon 2010.


The 665-minute win was spread over three days,  beginning on 22 June and ending on 24 June,. Play had to be stopped twice because of a lack natural light.

Many people were delighted by the large serves and needed many more strawberry and cream refills. Each player fired more than 100 aces, and there were 168 consecutive serves.

The electronic scoreboard stopped working at 47-47 in set due to the unusual nature of the match length. It was not programmed to keep scores beyond this point, which is quite understandable.

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